The Batchelor-Ewart-Kimber-Kimber-Kimber-Kimber Orkney 2010 Lego Version

For obvious reasons these pictures are only available in low resolution.

This captures the essence of a few key events, but any likeness to any creature, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and the tableaux are to be interpreted figuratively and not as a literal review of the events depicted thereunder. Which were fabulous.


Start with a duplo representation (early period). This simple tableau shows a sheep eating a flower near a picnic table. Colin chased the sheep away.

lego sheep

Tomb of the Eagles

After a substantial walk, visitors to the Tomb of the Eagles are rewarded with a super trolley on which they can slide in and out of the neolithic monument. This is arguably more fun than anything that Historic Scotland can provide. An excarnation table is included for reference.

lego tomb of the eagles

Nearly Missing the Boat

Martin, Philip and the hire car are on the Hoy ferry preparing to depart from Lyness for Houton. Catherine, Edmund, Colin and Elaine are running from the Scapa Flow Visitor Centre towards the ferry. (Note: actual people not shown.)

lego hoy boat

Music in Tabular Format

We went to see the amazing quartet of musicians playing one instrument (The Table) as one of the many delights of the St Magnus Festival. We went in two sittings. Martin improbably met his work colleague Andrew Chadwick at the second sitting. (Andrew is not shown.) Note that miniatures of Highland Park were being handed out at the exit.

lego the table